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    2011.01.30 Sunday


        I went to the Emperor Palace. The Emperor Palace was the former Edo castle. Edo is  the old name of Tokyo.

       The Palace main buildings are located in westen area in  Edo castle.

       The eastern area is open to the public. We say the area "East Garden".


       At first we cross this bridge to go to Hirakawa Gate. The castle is a kind of fort. The castle  protect itself by moats and stone arrengement walls.


       This stone wall was piled by roughly processed stones.

       入口の高麗門です。 奥に渡櫓門が見えます。

       This gate is the first gate, you can see the second gate inside the first gate.

       2番目の門が渡櫓門(わたりやぐらもん)です。 門の上は武器庫になっていてここから敵を攻撃出来ます。

       Inside the first gate, you can see the second gate. There is the weapon warehouse at the upper part of the gate,  The castle solders can attack the enemy by bullets and arrows.


      Between the gates, there is a square. This kind of gates ,we say

      ”Measure Box gates”.


       The important part of stone fence is made by completely processed stones.


       There are many Ume trees which are in full blossom.

       UMe is a little bit differnt from Plum.

       これは天主台です。 1657年の火事により天守閣は焼失しました。

      This is the foundation of the castle tower. The tower was burned out in 1657AD.


       This is the right side of the foundation. The castle tower was not rebuilded in Edo Era.


      2020.02.14 Friday

        Wow, the Emperor Palace is such a lovely place to relax and take pictures!
        I love the moat - I wonder if there's any fish in there!
        Ha ha ha... I love your jokes so much!
        Do you think they have 泥鰌 in the moat?

        Your sushi oyaji is also very funny!
        Did he tell you the fishy joke too?
         ホワイト10様  東京はほとんど雨が降らないので、寒いですが少しずつ花が咲き始めました。 皇居は好きな所の一つです。
        • by minor
        • 2011/01/31 5:41 PM
        Dear London Caller . There must be some fish in the moats. But fishing is prohibited . I can not check wether there are some some fish or not. Perhaps there is no loach. Some guests would say in the Sushi restraunt ” I want to eat Garage “. Garage and Squilla is the same pronunsiation of SYAKO
        • by minor
        • 2011/01/31 5:41 PM
        こんばんわ。私、昨日、in English でコメント投稿したのですが、何故か消えてしまいました。
        • by 夢路
        • 2011/01/31 10:20 PM
         夢路様 こんばんは。 このJUGEMは未完成の部分が有りまして、英語で来たコメントを返事を英語で書いたらやはり消えてしまいまして、暫くして書いたら今度は載せられました。 念のためコメントはコピーしておきました。
         シモバシラが皇居で見られたのですか。 私は溶けて水を含んだ枯れた茎しか見たことはありません。
        • by minor
        • 2011/01/31 11:32 PM

        Your jokes always make me laugh!
        How come you know so many funny sushi words? ;)
        Do you like syako?
        Dear London Caller. Because I like Sushi very much. Do you know why we say SYARI instead of Boiled RICE?. A grain of rice is similar to the CRUSHED BUDDHA'Sbone. I don't like SYAKO. この文はコピーしてもう一度トライしたものです。
        • by minor
        • 2011/02/01 9:33 AM
        I also like sushi a lot!
        I make it myself at home but my version is the easiest one.
        It's chirashizushi! Ha ha... Just put everything on the rice. Ta dah! できました!
        Oh yes, I have heard of syari too. There many many secret words in sushi.
        Your nigiri joke is so funny!
        London Caller様 ちらし寿司は美味しかったですか。ジョークのお褒めをいただきありがとうございます。 シャリは仏舎利に似ているからきた言葉だそうですね。
         このブログは初期設定で,SPAM対策として英語と数字だけのコメントは拒否するになってました。 今回それを解除しましたので英語だけのコメントもOKです。
        • by minor
        • 2011/02/02 5:56 PM
        Dear Sir/Madam. This comment site was automatically rejected English comments not to accept SPAM comments. Just now I unlocked the setting t.hat rejected the English comments. I can accept any comments now. I feel very sorry.
        • by minor
        • 2011/02/02 7:01 PM
        Jugem is so "syako"! Ha ha...
        My blog can accept any comment in any language, I don't even have to unlock any settings. I just have to approve the comment from a new reader for the very first time, then the reader can post his comment without any word verification.
        Ha ha...Gyouza is very Northen China. I come from Malaysia and my ancestors came from Southern China.
        We have special food for new year. We eat yam (imo) a lot! Ha ha...
        Dear London Caller. Generally speaking . Japanese blog offering companiey do not presume that English comments would be
        written in the comment section.
        I understand that there are various kind of habbits and custom in China, it is very good that you enjoyed yam a lot.. When i would go to China Town in Yokohama, I will look for a restraunt whic offer yam..
        • by minor
        • 2011/02/03 9:45 AM
        Hello minor i am glad that i can leave a comment this time.
        The last time i visited i commented on your fine photographic talents.
        I enjoyed the blossoms on the Ume trees very much....
        I also enjoyed you descriptions of the different parts of the Emperor's Palace.
        I liked reading the comments between you and London Caller very much.
        It was a pleasure to visit here again today.

        • by Peter
        • 2011/02/04 1:29 PM
        Dear Peter. Thank you very much for your commennt. I feel very pleased that you read The comments between I and London Caller. I will write by English in London Calling blog. I wrote jokes many times by Japanese in his blog, I traveled south-westen part in Japan. I will write about the travel in my blog soon. Now Peter, I feel that WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE.
        • by minor
        • 2011/02/05 8:20 PM