2011.03.24 Thursday

      My wife and I decidesd to go 6- day travel to the westen area in Japan.Because The aftershocks have been lasting

     We started from March 18th. We visited Kurasiki city at first.

     余震が続くので妻と2人で関西へ旅に行くことにしました。 18日に出発して倉敷に着きました。

     Kurasiki city is about 740km far from Tokyo. This city remains Meiji period ( about 100years ago) landscape.


     This city is very popular for Japanese people.

     Next day, we went to the northen area in Okayama prefecture. (
    Kurasiki is located in southern area in Okayama prefecture.)

     翌日は吉備路に行きました。 総社駅で降りてタクシーでこの一帯を見て回りました。

     This is Kibitujinja shrine This building is designated as the national treasure.

     吉備津神社です。 この神社は国宝に指定されています。

     The next day, we went to the seaside resort hotel and stayed 2 days. On the way to the resort hotel, we went to see the Okayama castle.


     This Okayama castle was originally built in 1597AD. Now reconstructed in 1967AD.



    This castle is black color, so another name is Crow castle.


     Then we arrived at the resort hotel. The hotel's staffs would say "this sea is The Aegean Sea in Japan".

     瀬戸内市牛窓のリゾートホテルに着きました。 ホテルの人の言うにはここは日本のエーゲ海だそうです。

     Two days after, we went to Osaka. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. Osaka is550km far from Tokyo.


     We went to see Osaka castle. You can see very small castle tower at the top of this picture.


     This castle was originally build in 1585AD, reconstructed in 1629AD, and one more reconstructed in 1931AD.


    Generally speaking, There were no castle walls to protect the castle. The feudal lords had made the moats to protect their castles.


     Staying in western area, people's life is as samae as before. There is no damage in their daily life.

     But from northeastern area to metoropolitan area, The crisis remains even now.

     関西地方で人々の日々の暮らしに 災害の影響は感じられません。しかし東北地方から首都圏にかけては危機は依然として続いています。

     We returned home yesterday. We felt relax staying in our house.I felt the temporary refuge is vey differnt from permanent refuge.


    It's so good to know that you all are sound and safe.
    Wow, you went to so many places last week!
    Okayama Castle is like the complete opposite of Himeji Castle.
    Do crows and white egrets fight for fish?
    I have been to Osaka Castle - it was like 13 years ago!!
    But I still remember their golden Shachihoko on the rooftop.
    According to BBC, water in Tokyo is not safe for infants to drink.
    I think it's best to drink bottled water for the time being.
    Minor - My thoughts and prayers are, and have been with you and all others in Japan. I am glad you are safe, and my heart breaks for those who lost their lives, as well as those left behind.
    • by lisa
    • 2011/03/24 10:19 AM
    Dear London Caller. Thank you for your concern. Soon after the news reported about radioactive contamination of water,all of bottled water was sold out in almost of all supermarkets.
    You know very well about Japan. Himeji castle and Okayama castle are located very near. So I think the fighting for fish would happen.
    • by minor
    • 2011/03/24 10:47 PM
    Dear lisa. Thank you very much for your compassion. The total number of dead or missing people is more than 25000. And it will increase in the future. We feel very sad.
    There is nuclear crisis in Japan. at first we want to stay in one hotel for a week. But this time, we could reserve each hotels for two days only. So we changed our plan for sightseeing to forget the crisis. But it was difficult to forget the present situation in northeastern area.
    • by minor
    • 2011/03/24 11:01 PM
    Minor I am so happy to read you and your family are safe. Your photos of these castles are beautiful, but I understand wanting to go back home. Temporary refuge is different than permanent.
    • by Kala
    • 2011/03/25 3:32 PM
    Dear Kala. Thank you very much for your compassion. We intended to stay in a hotel for a week. But we could not do such kind reseversion. So we changed our plan for sightseeing. Going only one place in one day, and we took much relax time. So we could enoy our trip. But we could not forget the people who were dead or missing.
    • by minor
    • 2011/03/25 4:02 PM
    A lot of Japanese start to lose faith in Japanese government.
    They don't know, or very confused to trust the government anymore.
    Today is the water, what about tomorrow.
    Clever Japanese citizens know there bound to be a new radiation polluted food item listed on the newspaper.
    But you know what's even crazy?
    People in China started to panic buy tons of salt resulting a serious of shortage.
    They believe salt can help you to get rid off those harmful radiations in your body.
    But experts say that you would have to eat 3kg of salt to achieve that!?
    They probably will get high blood pressure before they get radiation poisoning!!
    Dear London Caller. The government would announce the truth little by little, and never say the possibility in the future.Many people would feel that very important things were hidden even now.
    • by minor
    • 2011/03/26 10:27 AM