2011.05.06 Friday

     One of  main purpose is to see Matue Castle for me in this trip.


     Main gate. 
     Castles were the symbol of feudalism when modern government started.
    So modern govenment issued the castle destruction law in 1873.


     The site of north gate. There was a wooden gate.
     So many castle were destroyed  at that time.


      On the ground of these stone walls, there is a castle tower.

      Among the main castle, Only one castle main building remains in Kochi and 12 castle towers remains in Japan.

     この石垣の上に天守閣が建ってます。 本丸御殿が残っているのは高知城だけ天守閣が残っているのは12の城だけです。

     This castle tower was built in 1610AD and remains even now.
      A castle tower is the most important building among many buildings in a castle.


     Each side of the roof, there is a Shachihoko.The Shachihoko is a imaginary creature, a face is like a dragon,a body is like a fish.  It is belived that Shachihoko would bring a good luck.


     Japanese people like to see castles very much. This castle tower remains miraculously even now. It was very lucky for us.

    I'm curious, when the castle destruction law - not all castles in Japan were affected by such law, seeing that there are still castles standing all around Japan?

    I like the Shachihoko.:)
    • by lina
    • 2011/05/06 11:35 PM
    Dear lina. Thank you. Japanese people like castles very much. So many castle towers were rebuilt for sightseeing. For example, you went to Osaka castle. It is not correct. You went to Osaka castke park. And you saw the castle tower only. The castle tower was built in 1931 for sightseeing. All of castle buildings were destroyed by various reasons. The original castle building (本丸御殿)remains in Kochi castle(高知城) only in Japan.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/07 8:33 AM
    This is a great location. The castle is amazing
    • by Costin Comba
    • 2011/05/07 7:53 PM
    DearCostin. Thank you very much.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/07 8:31 PM
    that is interesting! I know that there are many castles being reconstructed or rebuilt but the reason being for sightseeing? Wow!
    • by lina
    • 2011/05/08 2:10 AM
    Dear lina. Original castle towers were made by wood. Sightseeing castle towers were made by concrete. There are two kind of sightseeing ones One is rebuilt asa sama as the original one in its appearance. Another is not so.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/08 8:46 AM
    I am so pleased that at least they have left this castle tower is magnificent....and i love the is very well crafted....have a nice weekend my friend....peter:)
    Dear peter. Thank you. When I was there, I had a strange feeling That I stood the same place where the old days feudal lord used to be ..
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/08 6:59 PM
    Beautiful, intricate detailing on the edges of the roof. I am glad this castle tower wasn't destroyed as it was a part of history.
    • by Kala
    • 2011/05/09 3:36 PM
    Dear KAla. Thank you. I just started another castle visiting tour from today to 12th.
    I saw two castles today and will see other 6 castles until 12th. Have nice spring days!
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/09 7:35 PM
    I love the detail in the roof, such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. I found you through The Creative Exchange.
    • by Kat
    • 2011/05/09 8:38 PM
    What an amazing castle Minoru! The amount of work that must have gone into building this is just beyond imagination. Were you able to go inside of it?

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs today at The Creative Exchange!

    Have a wonderful day.

    • by lisa
    • 2011/05/09 9:16 PM
    Matue castle is a very beautiful place! I want to visit your country sometime.
    • by dona
    • 2011/05/10 5:51 AM
    Your photographs are very beautiful! The textures on the castle are so interesting, and I like the composition on all of them. Well done! Thank you for sharing some of the beauty of your country!
    • by Gina
    • 2011/05/10 9:38 AM
    what a quaint feeling the castle had on me! The big rocks make it look even more authoritative!
    • by Ankush
    • 2011/05/10 2:58 PM
    Dear Kat. Thank you. I have uploades various kind of flowers in Lisa's The creative exchange. It is the first time for me to upload a castke. I feel happy that we can share this the creative exchange,
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/10 5:52 PM
    Dear lisa. Thank you. Yes, we can enter the inside of this castle. Ifeel As if I were a feudal lord in this castle.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/10 5:55 PM
    Dear dona. Thank you. I am a volunteer interpreter. You are welcome if you come to Tokyo.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/10 7:26 PM
    Dear Gina, Thank you. I am now in another castle visiting trip until 12th. It is very interesting.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/10 7:30 PM
    Dear Ankush. Thank you.I feel happy that you like it.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/10 7:33 PM
    How wonderful to be able to visit a feudal castle! The tower is so beautifully constructed and the Shachihoko sculptures at each side appear to guard it! Thanks for sharing through your great photos!
    • by Pat
    • 2011/05/10 10:51 PM
    Dear Pat. Thank you. I feel happy that you like my photos.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/11 8:24 AM
    What a great & beautiful place w/ such history! =)
    • by Tricia
    • 2011/05/11 10:36 PM
    Dear Trecia. Thank you very much.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/12 4:41 PM
    Just fabulous! I love the finials on the roof the level of detail and workmanship is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed your photographic journey, I can fully understand why this castle is so popular!
    • by serendipity
    • 2011/05/12 5:28 PM
    Dear serendipity. Thank you. I just came home from another castle visiting trip. I could see various kind of castles. It was fantastic.
    • by minor
    • 2011/05/12 10:29 PM
    Wonderful castle. Fabulous architecture of castles that we have seen so far. Gorgeous details captured.
    Dear Carmen. Thank you very much for your comment.This castle is one of my favorite ones.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/30 3:31 PM