2011.12.21 Wednesday

      ♪ ♪ Going with Jesus, going every day, going all night,,,,,,,♪ ♪

     Christmas is coming even in Japan.

     A angel is praying.

    Japan accepted Christmas as a present or a gift custom. So few people would go to church in a Christmas season.



     Children until 7 or 8 years old would believe that Santa Claus come to at the midnight of Christmas Eve. So Parents would buy a Christmas present for each child and after they would sleep, one of parents woud leave a presnt for each child's bedside.

     Christmas tree illuminations.

      After they would notice who presented somethings to them,They would come to hold a Christmas party. If there ia a child of Buddhist priest,the child would hold a Christmas party at a guest room of a temple.

                   A Christmas tree.

     We could hear Christmas songs from a temple. It is not so queer in Japan.

     Have a happy Christmas season!

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    Merry Christmas to you and family, Minoru.
    • by lina
    • 2011/12/21 11:08 PM
    What wonderful photographs these are.
    I wish you a most beautiful Christmas Dear Minoru!
    • by lisa
    • 2011/12/22 3:20 AM
    LondonCaller様 おはようございます。そうですね。私も雪吊りを外国の人が見たら、日本式のクリスマスツリーの様に思う方もいるかも知れないと思いました。
    • by minor
    • 2011/12/22 8:23 AM
    Dear lina. Than you very much.
    • by minor
    • 2011/12/22 8:23 AM
    Dear lisa. Thank you. I feel happy you like my photos.
    • by minor
    • 2011/12/22 8:24 AM
    These are such beautiful Christmas photos! So sparkly and festive! My favorite is the indoor shot with two trees. Just beautiful!
    Dear deb. Thank you very much for your comment. I feel happy you like my photos.
    • by minor
    • 2011/12/22 10:19 PM
    beautiful lights, interesting, a japanese friend just asked her 7 year old daughter still believes in Santa, what to do?
    • by ann nz
    • 2011/12/25 4:21 AM
    Dear ann. Thank you. She will say Yes. Japanese department stores and toy shops would use special Christmas wrapping,so a little child would think that Santa Claus came in.
    • by minor
    • 2011/12/25 9:08 AM