2012.01.19 Thursday

      Thers are very famous Lucky cat mascots in Japan.


     The lucky cat mascot. This cat is beckoning you to come here.

      Why this cat is lucky cat ?  There are many explanations about the lucky cat story.

     The most famous story is as follows.

       Looking at a cat bekoning, people moved to a temple where the cat is located. So they could escape from a disaster.

      The interest thing is cat's gesture.

     At first open a hand then  clench a fist means " come on"  in Japan.

     At first clench a fist then  open a hand means " go away" in the West.

     Both gestures look  like the same for western people.

     So if you have a Japanese friend, please be careful about the gesture.

     One of the famous birthplace is Imado Jinja Shrine at Asakusa in Tokyo.

     If you come to Japan,you can find many lucky cat mascots at retail shops,Japanese style bars and souvenir shops.

     This cat is bekoning you to enter the shop.

                                       Is it funny or interesting?

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    I think these cats are very charming.
    Dear Lady Fi. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/19 9:19 PM
    I want the cats to beckon good fortune and happiness to my home. ^^
    • by lina
    • 2012/01/19 9:36 PM

    I never knew this Minoru!
    I have many Japanese students, so this is good to know.
    I love the big cat in the last image!
    • by lisa
    • 2012/01/20 1:48 AM
    Interesting reading and nice shots!
    Dear lina. It is better to buy this cat for you when you come to Japan next time. You will get good fortune and happy life will continue for ever.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/20 12:06 PM
    London Caller様 おはようございます。 招き猫では無くてmoney 来 猫と書いた方が良いかも知れません。 数年前に海外で golden poop の値付けが流行りました。金運と発音が同じなので、携帯電話に付けて置くとお金がたまるそうです。 ストラップになります。
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/20 12:17 PM
    Dear lisa. Thank you very much for your comment. If you have a chance please try this Japanese gesture to Japanese students.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/20 12:21 PM
    Dear Sivinden Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/20 12:22 PM
    I love these cats, but I didn't know about Imado Jinja. Thanks for telling us! PS: Have you been to Gotokuji in Setagaya? That's supposed to be the birthplace of the legend (according to some people). The temple has many statues, too.
    They are both funny and interesting Minor. I did not know about the background of these cats before - thanks for the information!
    • by Kala
    • 2012/01/21 7:54 AM
    Dear Rurousha. Thank you very much for your comment. I went to Gotokuji two times. The lucky cat mascots in Gotokuji are very small. But Imado-yaki earthenware lucky cat mascots are very famous. If you want to by the cat,You need to wait for a few months.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/21 9:58 AM
    Dear Kala. Thank you very much for your comment. Ifeel happy you like my this blog.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/21 9:59 AM
    Delightful and informative post!
    • by Pat
    • 2012/01/25 12:48 AM
    Dear Pat. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/25 8:07 AM
    Very interesting story. I saw in some places the lucky cat, but I did not know her story.
    Dear Carmen. Thank you very much for your comment. I thought the lucky cats were known in Japan only.
    • by minor
    • 2012/01/29 6:58 PM