2012.02.09 Thursday

       I would play Contract Bridge two or three times a week.

      I want to write interesting things about Contract Bridge.


       End play                                              NORTH

     If you play one card from NORTH in remaining three rounds, You will get at least 2 cards.

     For example. You lead 2 from NORThH, then right side plays 8, you play 9, then left side plays 10 and gets one card.
      But remaining higher cards are KING and JACK,and left side must lead one of then.
     So SOUTH will get 2 cards.

     If right side plays JACK, SOUTH plays QUEEN and left side gets
     by KING. Then remaing higher cards are 10 and 8.
     And left side must lead one of them. So SOUTH will get two cards.

     If SOUTH must lead one of the three cards, south can often get only one card.

                                    The Contract Bridge is very interesting is n't it? 

     Do you play Contract Bridge as follows.

                                                                                     Text : by 清水康裕
      The declarer is EAST. The  Contract 3 NT. The opening lead is HEART  KING by SOUTH.

     This means EAST plays and need to get 9 cards.
     It looks like  East can get 9 cards easily.
        Spade  1 card, Heart 1 card, Diamond 5 cards, Club 2 cards.         But the Diamond forth card gets in East side. There is no way to enter the West side. 
     So you need to think how to get 5 cards by Diamond.

      If you are not busy, please try to think how to get 5 cards by Diamond.

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    I don't know how to play contract bridge - but I remember watching my parents play with friends when I was little.
    Dear Lady Fi. Thank you very much for your comment. There are few people to play contract bridge in Japan too.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/09 10:49 PM
    I have heard of this, but have never played.
    It looks very interesting!
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend Minoru!
    • by lisa
    • 2012/02/09 11:46 PM
    I never played bridge, although in your explanations seems to be an interesting game.
    I never played it. Maybe one day we can learn from you. :)
    • by lina
    • 2012/02/10 9:50 AM
    Dear lisa. Thank you very much for your comment. Have a nice weekend for you too.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/10 11:22 AM
    Dear Carmen. THank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/10 11:23 AM
    Dear lina. Dear lina. Thank you. I will explain you how to play,when I have a chance to go to Malaysia.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/10 11:26 AM
    Play the Ace and see if the J falls, which it does. Then just play then down the line.
    If they are four in one hand, then you knw who has the remaining three, and you finesse for the 10.
    Makes a nice change on a snowy day :-)
    • by hannah
    • 2012/02/11 1:45 AM
    If you want safety play, then proceed as follows:
    If East allows South to take four heart tricks, he will take the rest of the tricks.

    Let the first heart go.
    Take the second with the ace.
    Now North cannot get in to finesse the spades.

    Play any diamond to your Ace.
    Let South back in with a heart from dummy.
    Let him take his hearts on which you dump two diamonds.
    ( they are higher than the low ones in dummy).

    Now he has to let you back in with a club or give you a free Spade finesse.
    If in with a club you play your last diamond to the K and run the suit from Dummy.
    • by hannah
    • 2012/02/11 10:58 AM
    I have never got the hang of card games!
    Have a great weekend!
    Minor- my parents play this game. But it confuses me!
    • by Kala
    • 2012/02/11 2:58 PM
    Dear hannah. Thank you. I came home late last night from 2 day trip. I feel very happy you know the contract bridge very well. I want to play bridge with you in a future.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/13 10:47 AM
    Dear geetlee. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/13 10:48 AM
    Dear Kala. Thank you very much for your comment. If you play contract bridge, you will sleep very well in any night.
    • by minor
    • 2012/02/13 10:50 AM
    oh wow, i love the 5th and 7th shots. so beautiful!
    • by Jaymi
    • 2012/02/15 3:53 AM
    Dear Jaymi. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by みのr
    • 2012/02/15 8:07 AM