2012.03.03 Saturday

       March 3 is the day of the Doll's Festival in Japan.

     Travelling in Kyusyu, we could see many dolls displayed in former Samurai Residenses.

     The feast of Dolls.

      When the first female baby was born,the family would start to display these kind of dolls from the end of nest February.

     An Imperial prince and his wife dolls would be disolayed at the top row.

     Sometimes other kind of dills would be displayed.

     A baby girl would want to play with this kind of doll.   But it is not permitted to play with a doll.

    Those are lovely.

    Do you have a grand display of them at your house too during the festival?
    • by lina
    • 2012/03/03 10:21 AM
    Hina Matsuri is my favourite festival. I hope to own some of the hina dolls one day.
    • by Lisa
    • 2012/03/03 12:45 PM
    Dear lina. Thank you. We have a set of dolls in our house. We displayed them every year until my daughter became until around 10 years old. After that the dolls are in a warehouse in our house.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/03 1:15 PM
    Dear Lisa. Thank you. I think it is better to have a couple of imperial prince and his wife in a glass case. It takes a lot of time to display, so it is easy to display a pair of dolls in a glass case.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/03 1:18 PM

    They're so beautiful, I'd want to display them throughout the year! The detail of the costumes are breathtaking.
    London Caller様  こんばんは。この人形は観賞用です。我が家の雛人形も息子が触っただけで、手が取れてしまいました。
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/03 8:17 PM
    Dear RUrousha. Thank you very much for your comment. I was very impressed by these beautiful dolls too.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/03 8:20 PM
    I like the photos that you have taken at the Doll's Festival minor.... they are very beautiful and very well cared for....peter:)
    Very beautiful dolls. It is admirable the attention to details. The dolls in photos 4 and 5 are my favorites.
    Dear peter. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by Minor
    • 2012/03/04 9:16 AM
    Dear Carmen. Thank you . I feel happy you like my last two photos. I like them very much too.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/04 9:18 AM
    What beautifully crafted and costumed dolls!
    • by Pat
    • 2012/03/06 12:22 AM
    Dear Pat. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/06 8:15 AM
    love these dolls :)
    Dear geetlee. Thank you very much for your comment.
    • by minor
    • 2012/03/11 8:14 PM